Worktops by CTR Manufacturing

We at CTR Ltd are involved in the fabrication of Wood and Solid Surface (Hanex) Work tops.

We offer a comprehensive range of Solid Wood Tops of which the most popular types we fabricated would be the likes of Oak, Wenge, Iroko, Zebrano and European/American Walnut amongst others.

OakWenge Iroko Zebrano Dark Walnut


Hanex Solid Surfaces

Our Most popular Domestic and Commercial Top and Cladding surface.  Our Hanex Range is superior to other existing acrylic surfaces. Hanex is a versatile product and allows us to be flexible in any design and fabrication process.

CTR Manufacturing
CTR Manufacturing
CTR Manufacturing
CTR Manufacturing

Here at CTR Manufacturing we use a superior brand of solid surface "Hanex
Solid Surface" which we have found to be a popular product.

There are a number of advantages using Hanex Solid Surface, these are:

1. Non porous - keeps bacteria away, promoting a cleaner and more sanitary surface

2. Strong - unlike laminate, the plastic goes all the way through, and thus resists impact better.

3. Scratches can be sanded out - by far, the greatest advantage of solid surface countertop material.

4. Wide range of designs possible.

5. Wide range of colors possible

The Links below provide a better perspective of the colour ranges and
technical information available.

- double click on colours for a better image and their properties.
Technica :